What I want out of a relationship.

avatarWhat I want out of a relationship.

  1. Someone to dance with me to Van Morrison.
  2. Some willing to either let me go to Rock Concerts with friends or willing to go with me and not be a stick in the mud.
  3. Someone to sit together at the end of the day and read together.
  4. Someone to go with me to try new things or to go out to new places.
  5. Someone to bounce plot ideas off of who is willing to let me angst over imaginary characters lives.


So occasionally I will get asked out on dates by people who don’t realize how crazy busy my life is. I got asked out…tonight.

I had plans for tonight. A mass, up for hours, chugging coffee, working on my novel, slog that I have been putting off. It’s something that has to be done tonight or this weekend.

The fact is, I’m exhausted. Work has been very stressful with one of the main people I work with retiring. I have been on a writing binge for my fan fiction and have written about 1500 words a day all week on various projects I am trying to wrap up.

So the question is:

Do I try and be normal and go on a date when I am exhausted and not feeling very social?

You never know, I might have fun. Or I might collapse into a puddle sometime after the first drink, ugh.

How do you explain to a guy that you are just too tired to date right now, lol?


eeyore_by_hynael-d3j1yd3I have been steadily plugging away at my current work in progress, Losing my Religion, and working on edits for my novel.

Check out my writing tracker HERE if you really want to see how far I’m progressing.

Yes, the OCD comes out when I am trying to prove to myself that I am actually making some kind of progress in novel writing.



Type a paragraph.


Check my word count.

Type another few sentences.

Stare at the screen in exhausted stupor.

Yeah, work is sucking the life out of me this week. I have this massive brain dump I need to do for the final chapters of my story, Losing my Religion, and I can barely string two sentences together.

This is going to take a lot of coffee.