Writing Asides

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I’ve run into mishap after mishap on what was supposed to be my catch up day. My computer chair broke, spent almost an hour finding screws and fixing things. After lunch I’m headed to the coffee house to see if I can get away from the noise of the baseball game next door. Fingers crossed the afternoon goes better or my total for the novel this week will be zero. I got a few thousand words pecked out on other projects but my drop dead date is approaching and I am not even half way there. Time to buckle down.

Half a year gone.

So half a year has passed in the blink of an eye and its time to re-evaluate.
How did things go?
What do I need to change?
What do I want to keep versus discard?

Total word count for the year so far: 193,558
Weight lose: In the negatives. I need to work on this.
The Mage novel rewrite is almost complete. I hope to have it totally ready for Beta readers by August 1st.
I really have been through the grinder at work and I hope to distance my work/home life a bit more. I want to start getting out on the weekends and during the week more as well. I have really been a home body since I moved to town. I have not been to the movies outside of dates or went out to eat by myself in months.