Yesterday I got the best complement I could have received for my writing. My father, the ultimate reader, said he loved my book and it hooked him from the first page.

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A few things I wanted to share. I might make these into once a week posts. Trying to see how it goes this week before I make a change.

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  • The paperback version of The Mage’s Daughter: Book 1 of the Stone Mage Series is almost ready and I will post when it’s up on Amazon.

Things I want to try:

Articles I’ve been reading This is just lovely. Thanks for sharing Paul ;-)


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I made this Vegetable Lasagna over the weekend and it was amazing. I used red, yellow, and purple fingerling potatoes and fresh Italian herbs instead of the mint suggested but it still turned out amazing. I also added layers of roasted mushrooms to the mix. The end result was delicious but I wish I’d doubled the amount of cheese to have more to top the dish with. This is definitely something that I will be making again.