Had a rather depressing find yesterday. I found my dream job in Washington DC, where I want to eventually move to, but I found it now, when I cannot move.

I also found out the other computer job I was looking at doing requires you to move to Kansas for two years before you could work from home with them.

Not able to find any other position in town for a pharmacy tech that were not beneath my pay grade. Or the company was not hiring. Or did not even have any information on pharmacy techs on their website, only interns and Pharmacists (yes, Kroger sucks.).

Will just have to keep my eyes open and keep looking. I found a slew of jobs in other towns though. Savannah, Charleston, Atlanta, DC, makes you want to cry.

But I still have my degree to finish and my school has finally moved my psychology classes back to in the morning where I could take them. I am planning to start back in the Spring semester since all my job options have fallen through.