So much for all the cool weather we have been having. The rest of this week has been downright hot.  
I thought my ocular migraines were getting better since I had none the last two days, but of course on my day off I get one that will not go away. 
My eye aches and is making me want to crawl into bed for the rest of the day. 
But as you can see I have not. Instead I have worked on the two paintings I have going.
Trying to see how layerings of color and painters tape comes out. I am not getting the crisp lines of if I just do one color. But I still like the look of it.
This one is an attempt at what I mentioned in my last post. Using a sharpie pen I wrote out different words associated with dirt in brown ink and a growing plant in green. Not sure I like it. I think I will have to try again.

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