Oh my Gosh! I won a Mixer!

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  1. Oh my gosh!! It’s SO pretty!!!So… what color is it?ryc: Calla is a pound puppy too. I got her a year ago, when she was about a year and a half. They didn’t have any info on her past but I imagine she was abandoned for most of it. She has severe separation anxiety and cannot handle being alone — but still, she is a wonderful dog.She definitely doesn’t have the stick fetching thing down pat (usually she’ll just chase them and then tear them to shreds). The video captured her at a particularly good fetching moment. I really wish she was one of those fetch-obsessed dogs — it would be so much easier to exercise her!Too bad about no dog-friendly beaches where you are. Calla loves the water and will run and run and run when I take her there.

  2. I asked for a green one, lol. My old one is black (the only choice at the time) and I have a red kitchen, I wanted one that would stand out.Stella is a champion popcorn catcher but does not understand that she could leave your side to run. She used to be much less clingy but after her sister died all she wants to do at play time is be held (or feed, lol).

  3. No it has not come in yet, but several people at work have a list running of things they would love to try, lol. The one I know of is my best friend wants another amaretto chocolate bunt cake.

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