I saw the movie adaptation of the book The Handmaiden’s Tale last week. It was a good if a bit stark movie. I have never read the book and looking at the version of the world portrayed in the movie I am not sure I want to. It showed a world where the US had been taken over my scientists trying to save the human race from extinction. Unmarried women who were fertile were made into Handmaidens for sterile women (do to toxic waste) who wish to have a child. Unmarried women also had any children taken away and the children were adopted into the homes of sterile women. Everything was set up under a strict religious code that called for hangings and attacks by mobs and banned nearly every luxury calling them morally corrupt. The current gov was under attack by others using gorilla attacks. The handmaidens had no rights and could be killed by their keepers for various infractions.

Well. I am running out of places to buy books in town. I hate the new Barnes and Noble that has opened in the mall. Not only is it smaller than the previous store, it also has no seating or cafe only a 5 chair row of bar stools. I have been going to the other store in town, Borders, just to get out a bit and was shocked at how deserted the store was and how many empty spaces are on every shelf. They also had a huge bargain bin kind of sale going, were every book in one bin was three dollars, the next four, and so on. I hope they are not going out of business. If they do I will only have a Books a Million to go to, which I dislike because of the location and poor selection of books. I already buy most of my books online in chunks at a time so I do not have to pay shipping costs, I do not know what I am going to do if all the good stores in town go out of business.

I have been on a bit of a soda kick since I started my new job. I stopped drinking sodas at all when I gave up caffeine because of my migraines and aura. I now have been drinking one a day so for the last week and a half and have had only two days of eye stain and aura. I think it is just stress and exhaustion. I have had a rather bad week between work and school. I have two weeks left of class and then my final exams the week after. Once all this is over again I will get back to drinking no sodas, till then I am going to enjoy it. The funny thing is I now hate the after taste and want to brush my teeth to get rid of the syrupy taste after I drink one.