This week has been one of exhaustion. No matter how much I sleep I seem to always be tired. The weather has been hot and muggy, I have been wishing for rain to break up the days and cool the air a bit. I love when it rains. It is an excuse for me to drag out my boots and slog through the puddles, to curl up in bed with a book or watch movies on the couch with my dog all day. I also makes me want to go to the gym or go on walks were the I ramble between the scarce drops.

I have been plowing through several novels while alternating with studying for my test coming up. I am just about done with Storm Glass by Snyder. Sadly it is not a stand alone novel, with every few pages mentioning something from the Poison Study series. Still it is a good book. I finished Crown Duel a few days ago. While I love the Inda series this one left me cold. I loved the culture and place descriptions but the main character make me want to wack her upside the head. She does not think most of her actions through and the unknown love interest is blatant to the reader but the main character ignores this fact for almost two hundred pages. While a good book, I doubt I will get any other books in this series.