I had a rather shocking moment in my class yesterday. My teacher asked who in the class had grandparents who graduated from college.
I raised my hand since my grandmother graduated from Nursing School.
No one else raised their hands…. No one.
While most of the class had parents who went to college, I was the only one who had a grandparent who did.

One thought on “College

  1. Amazing – eh? Interesting fact: My grandmother was at the top of her class (back in Latvia) and at that time you needed teacher permission/approval to continue on to *high school* …… her 8th grade teacher was a misogynistic so-and-so who refused to sign her papers and (while looking down his nose) said to her "this country needs more goatherds…."Another interesting question to ask the next time you're at a dinner party: Who's parents are still together? (I'm pleasantly surprised that once or twice a year I end up with a dinner party of people who have parents who are all *still* together —- but it's pretty rare.)

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