Are you exactly where you always thought you’d be?

Are you exactly where you always thought you’d be?
If I looked back 5 years I would never pictured myself where I am today. Still in college and working in IT. I was very good with computers but sitting at a desk for 8 hours was not something I ever wanted to do. Heck, it is still the one part of my job I hate.
I can say that I did not plan on staying in GA but I am working on this, and since I am still auditioning places to move to and have not settled on one area I like yet, this one is still in the works.
In the rest of my life I am  exactly where I hoped I would be. I still ride horses, even if I do not own one yet. I have a good paying job with flexible hours. I own my own home and my own car.


One thought on “Are you exactly where you always thought you’d be?

  1. Much like you, there are parts of me who are where I thought I might be (own my own home, have a stable job, still play with art stuff)…. but there's a whole long list of things that haven't happened that I thought I would have hit a good long while ago …. ah well.I have to trust that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. (which is really really hard when it's damp and grey and dark and wintry and it seems like nothing is going anywhere anymore)

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