Okay, beyond pissed.
My advisor said I did not have to have my graduation things in until October to graduate in the fall. It took a month of emails to get a meeting with her to even discuss this. She was wrong. Got an email today saying I have two days to turn everything in. There is no way I can do this!
Because of this error I will not be graduating in the Fall. I have to wait till spring.


3 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. Sorry to hear this, I feel you though. Advisors, most of the time, seem to be just a huge waste of our time! Really, we are not in high school, and should be able to follow simple programs. Sure they should be available if the student wishes to make use of them, but I feel they should never be required.Anyway, congrats on completing everything and being ready to graduate! I am looking to graduate this winter myself!

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