I can be changed by what happens to me but I refuse to be reduced by it  –Maya Angelou

I am having an introspective kind of day so I thought I would post some thoughts and comments about how my current “Me Project” is going.

  • I wanted to get up earlier without constantly hitting the snooze button. After a week or two of struggling with this I have found my cure. I set my alarm 15 minutes before I want to get up. I then can hit the snooze button for my three times and not be late if I want to or manage to get up on time and have extra time to do small things around the house in the morning.  One of the nice fall out from this is that my dog has started getting up when I do so I do not have to run back home to let her out everyday during lunch. Since I am not rushing out the door there is time to let her wake up and get her out for her walk. The downside of this push to wake up earlier is that I am tired. In all honesty I am a night person. I like staying up till 3 AM. But I have seen that unless I get to bed by 11 PM, I am tired for the rest of the week as the lack of sleep piles up.  It is way to easy to glance up and see that it is 1 AM.
  • I have started tracking calories again and am waiting to see if this will help me in losing some weight. (
  • I am still fighting to get things done now and not put them off. I think this is going to be something I will always have to fight.
  • We have settled the Siding issue for my Condo and soon I will have new Siding! One less thing to worry about!
  • I took a day off this week to work on the four papers I have due next month. I want these things done so I can stop stressing about it!!!