As we are going into the last month of 2010 I have been thinking about how the year has went. As part of Reverb 10, I am going to try and post every day of December or at least use every prompt they provide even if I cannot get them in on time 🙂

Todays prompt was to sum up this year and the upcoming year in one word. To me I have to say that 2010 would be summed up in the word “Stressed”. I do not think I have stopped moving all year. I am really amazed I managed to get time to sleep, honestly.

Next year is going to be my year of “Living”. I will be out of school and ready to have a small real life for a while. Actually have time to go out in the afternoons for walks, out with friends, out to ride a horse or get a lesson, time to do things that I do not have three weeks notice for, just lots of time in general. I cannot wait.

Here’s to an amazingly “Livable” 2011!