Turning 30

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I turn 30 this year in December and have decided I need to get together a list of things I want to do before then. Many of the vacations and such I want to do cannot be crammed into one year so I need to decide what I am willing to put off.

1. I am going to Scotland, Ireland, and England in the Fall this year.

2. I want to exercise more and be more active in my life. All too often I am sitting at a computer 8 hours a day for work and heading home to sit in front of a computer. I need to get out more and be more active in doing it.

3. I need to get out of the house more and that means going out and doing things like going to the movies or out to dinner. I have decided that I will make a “date night” with myself each week where I get out and do something I want to do, but the one rule is it has to not be done in my house.

4. Write more. I have a ton of projects floating around that I want to work on. I want to submit more of my work for publication and find someone willing to help me edit things.

5. Solo vacations. Now that I have a GPS I have no reason not to head out and get lost a few times. To go along with this I want to get out of my comfort zone a bit and go on some weekend vacations by myself to some place close, like Savannah or Atlanta. I want to start heading out and doing day trips in towns I am not that comfortable with.

6. I want to finish my To-Be-Read pile of books. It has taken over my shelves. No new books until I finish a handful off the shelf first. I have an out box to send the finished books on to my Sister and Family once I finish them and I intend to inundate them!

7.  I want to sign up for some classes in Painting and Writing so I can improve myself.

8. I want to learn some French before the trip to Paris in two years. Might as well start now!

9. I want to keep up with my household chores better. It seems like I take a day for myself and the entire house falls to ruin with floors a mess and dishes filling the sink. I need to keep up with this more. Maybe if I make myself a schedule. Have to think on this one. The Dust Bunnies are taking over so I need to figure this one out soon!

10. Be myself. All too often I hold back because it is expected of my in society. I let myself be the quiet one who gets walked on because I am not willing to be assertive. I need to step up and do what needs to be done. To be confident and to be myself, not what everyone else wants me to be.


9 thoughts on “Turning 30

      • We are going to Inverness, Edinburgh, and St. Andrews as well, lol. We could fit it in. What town are you in?

        In 2000 I went all over Scotland with my family but did not get to see England much at all beyond the airport. Any areas you can recommend would be appreciated.

  1. I’m in Darlington (not worth visiting), it’s close to Durham and Newcastle, and a short hop and skip to Edinburgh which I love, so could easily meet you up there!

  2. York and Bath are both beautiful and on good railway lines too. I’ll have a little think of anything else you might be interested in too 🙂

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