The last two weeks have been bad, however I am climbing my way out of the pit.

I have restarted my diet and am starting a new exercise regimen today.  Sadly, the concert we were planning to go to this week has sold out but we did get tickets for the huge one in April so at least some good happened.

Planning my next attempt at the potato lasagna this week. Been surfing for unusual lasagna recipes and found several that gave me good ideas. Give them a go if you are interested.







Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chimpo/78995157/


2 thoughts on “Tunnel

  1. What concerts?

    I ate horribly this weekend, much worse than I expected with far less exercise. However, I’m making up for it this week, hopefully.

    Some of those recipes are… different. Lentil Ricotta meatballs? But that baked pasta casserole sounds fantastic!

    • The avalanche tour with Halestorm, Stone Sour, Theory of a deadman, and skillet is in April which I cannot wait for. The sold out concert was for Hinder and Saving Able.

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