WoW Spillover – The Boots of Canine Restraint (via Tome of the Ancient)

Anyone else have games spilling over into your vocabulary and thought processes?

Anyone else want Boots of Canine Restraint or Keys of Unlocking in the real world?

WoW Spillover - The Boots of Canine Restraint Okay it’s a good thing my husband doesn’t read this because even I’ll admit this is weird. I don’t do it with everything but I have a few pieces of wardrobe that have developed wow names. It didn’t happen on purpose, it just kind of happened. Our dog MUST be walked every day no matter what the weather. There have been times, like Snowpocalypse 2010 when we had two feet of snow, that I really wasn’t in the mood. One day I was angrily rooting aroun … Read More

via Tome of the Ancient