Swimming in series? (via the Little Red Reviewer)

I totally agree with this. It seems like every book I pick recently is part of a series. Have you managed to find any good stand alone novels recently?

Wow, seems like everything coming out these days is part of a series, or book one in a new epic series. . . . even my two favorite recent reads are parts of series. Even my most recent to be read book pile photo is stacked tall with anthologies (always a challenge for me) and series books, and "in my mailbox" and other tbr photos other bloggers are posting seem to appear that way too.  The only stand alone in my stack is Tim Powers' The Anubis Ga … Read More

via the Little Red Reviewer


2 thoughts on “Swimming in series? (via the Little Red Reviewer)

  1. It seems the only way to get a fictional standalone is to buy a book of short stories. I can’t bring to mind any non-series fiction that I purchased recently. But then I tend to prefer serialized fiction.

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