Having a fat and ugly day.
You know the day where the chant behind every action resounds in your head as a negative chorus?
Starting my new exercise routine today hopefully when I get home if I can ignore the sleep deprivation from being on call. Might just go to bed and do some push ups and jumping jacks when I wake up.
Have to see how it goes..


4 thoughts on “Fat

  1. Now change that chant into a positive mantra. I will do the best for my body and soul to today and let the positive influence of my mind affect how my body funtions and feels. Eventually this mindset will allow you to help change your body for the better.
    Love sis your local yogi

    • Well, my current one is “Confidence” but that went out the window after how bad the week and weekend was. Need to catch up on some sleep and clean house, lol. Plan to pamper myself tonight and clean the house a bit, see if I can get in a better mind set.

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