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What we always seem to need, more time.

Some how it seems like I have a ton of time to do things now that I have graduated college and yet I am getting very few things done.

I am a procrastinator. I know it and admit it freely. So I am starting to try and see just what I need to get done and how I need to do it. The general answer is “Now”.

As soon as I see something needs to be done, I need to do it.

Right then.

Hard rule to follow most of the time, but the one that keeps me honest at least and getting some of the things I need to do finished.

A great writer… Found a great article on what it really takes to be great at work and in whatever you want to do. Sadly the answer is time. It takes time to learn to write. To be a great writer it takes an amazing amount of time. A full-time writer works on their craft at least 8 hours a day. Sounds like a job right? A great writer works on their writing more than that. Want to be adored at work? Be the busy one. Do more than you are expected to do. Come to work … Read More

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