Gotta Get Dressed (via Live to Write – Write to Live)

Yes, the writer’s life does not lend itself to nice clothes and tons of time out on the town with friends. My wardrobe consists of jeans and tee-shirts when I am not at work. An outfit I change into the second I get home from said job. I am trying to write more and being comfortable is part of that. I have started scheduling out some time each week to work on my writing that I hope will help get at least one of the books done.

Writing is full of routines and things we think we need. The prefect pen and paper (complicated since I am left handed in a righty world), the perfect chair, light, music or silence, tea or drink to sip as you work. It can get might complicated. And that is all before you even get to the thought process behind the writing and what is getting put down on the page.

By scheduling a time I am hoping to strip some of the extraneous stuff out that I do not really need to get started writing, to remove the crutches if you will.

Gotta Get Dressed Wendy recently posted advice about how a writer needs to stay fit to survive [Survival of the Fittest]. Well, I recently learned that a writer also needs to get dressed. I quit my day job in 2003, and have been writing blissfully at home ever since. It would be inaccurate to say I work in my pajamas – the nightgowns I wear to bed are much nicer than my writing clothes, which consist mostly of black fleece leggings and old shirts. Typically, I don … Read More

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