To Do List

TO DO LIST (ignore the formating, WP is driving me nuts)

  • Finish weeding the front bed and putting in the border to contain the monkey grass.
  • Work on the handwritten novel 1.Type up each chapter 2.Edit
  • Work on the Mage Novel. 1.Work on the time line. 2.Fill in the needed scenes.
  • Submit more short stories to different publishers.
  • Write more short stories. One a week.
  • Clean and paint kitchen cabinets.
  • Remove backsplash in kitchen and re-tile with new tile.
  • Update Resume and start looking for future jobs.
  • Finish badge holder necklace for co-worker.
  • Work on my French every night!
  • Get Dad to help me hang the new curtain rod and drapes.
  • Organize the kitchen cabinets and put down shelf paper.