It’s Hardly Even Music! (via Hear! Hear!)

I heard this for most of the ride down to Florida a few weeks ago. I picked a handful of CDs I thought were lighter rock with some melody that my parents could tolerate for an hour. Not even 5 minutes into the first CD the station was turned back to 70s Folk. Took an entire week of needling to get my Father to play a compilation station that played 90s, 80s, and some new pop and rock. On the ride home he even admitted he liked some of it. Mission accomplished.

It's Hardly Even Music! South Park's version of the Jonas Brothers (credit: Comedy Central) It happens to everyone at some point. You reach that age where you hear the music of young whippersnappers and you find yourself going all "that's not music!" on some poor teenager who just wants to rock out. It looks like that phenomenon's going to get the full South Park treatment this week, though in Mrs. Marsh's defense, the music referenced here really does sound like someon … Read More

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2 thoughts on “It’s Hardly Even Music! (via Hear! Hear!)

  1. I always settled for headphones and a clunky portable CD player on those old family trips, though now that I’m a freelancing music critic, I frequently find my father clamoring for new music I’ve received. He’s actually become fond of my mixes 😉 So go figure … when I was a teen he wouldn’t touch my music with a ten foot pole, but now I guess I’m old enough (pushing 30) to be “part of the fold.”

    • My Dad and I used to like the same music but as I got older I listened to a broader range and now we have nothing in common. He has clung to the old songs while I embraced the new and old. After all the new things are often inspired by the old. Yeah, I turn 30 this year. Trying to push myself to get into new genres and new areas. Teaching myself guitar this year to see if that will help me appreciate more music.

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