I have been fighting with my weight again. The problem is that it is not even my weight that I care about. The only part of my body that I want to change is my gut. I want it gone.

The rest of my body is fine. I like the fact that I have curves but am still slightly muscular. It just seems that all the fat in my body goes straight to my gut.

I know if I exercise more I will get stronger and burn more calories which will decrease the gut but it does not seem to have any effect yet. If anything I think my gut is growing while the rest of me shrinks.

I have started doing some light yoga and am looking at a few positions that are supposed to tighten the stomach. Doing anything is better than doing nothing right?


One thought on “Weight

  1. Yes, anything is better than nothing, but there are exercises that target that area if you’re really that anxious about it. Walking, running, biking and other cardio is probably what you want to do though. I too, have a gut, but am otherwise in pretty good shape. I started walking but then got sick and haven’t gone back to it. However, starting this weekend, I will be going back and ramping up. I have a weight bench in the basement, a bike and a treadmill. I would like my gut gone by June.

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