I realized something.
I want someone to talk to when I get home.
To cuddle with on the couch and talk about my day, the crazy scenes I wrote, the insane anime I am watching. Someone to go out to dinner with and to spend quiet afternoons with. Someone to go walking with who is not scared of horses and will kill the roaches for me.
Sadly the whole dating thing is just not working.
How can I talk to someone online for weeks and they just stop talking to me randomly one day?
 Guess they found someone better.
Anyone know if I can rent a boyfriend? Kidding.
My problem is I do not do short-term. I am not looking for just sex, I want the long-term. No one else just seems able and willing to put up with me for that long.

One thought on “Dating

  1. You are not alone. I’m in the same boat up here in WI.

    It’s especially perplexing because so many of my *friends* are so full of compliments and/or awe …. but apparently that doesn’t translate into “someone to come home to” or “someone to share my daily life with” :/

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