Self Evaluation

Filling out my self-evaluation from work, man, do I hate these things. Name three things you excelled in this year, three things you want to improve next year.

Three Goals for the next year.

  1. …Still be working here. That’s a goal right?
  2. Not killing myself working IT like in did in my last job.
  3. Having a life outside of work and school.

Cannot use any of these on my evaluation but I like them.


One thought on “Self Evaluation

  1. Oh gods, yes. Such a crap sucks.

    How about:
    working on further improvement of the workflows in the team (hey, they don’t know it’s sarcasm)
    getting more involved in autonomous projects (might help to get show determination and ambition)
    helping to achieve the company’s goals (yeah, that’s ass-kissing, I know)

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