I am soon heading off for a backpacking trip to Toxaway, NC so keep your eyes peeled for pictures and hiking advise.

(as a side note: check out, an amazing photo blog about hiking.)

I am going to double-check with my hiking advisor to see if I can repost some of his lists and recommendations, however at the least you will have my take on the hiking/camping trip and lots of pictures.

Soon to come…THE BACKPACK!

As a side note: I am eternally grateful that I do not have to take the sleeping bag in this photo. I was given a lighter summer bag I can use for my trip that does not weigh 30 lbs.

My gear:

  • food
  • clothes (socks)
  • tent
  • medical kit
  • toiletries
  • water bottles
  • rope
  • sleeping bag
  • backpack

Things still to find and pack:

  • small shovel
  • flashlight
  • camera and batteries

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  1. Head lHead lamps rock and I\’m always jealous of my friends who have them when we\’re out camping (I don\’t yet – i should get right on putting that on my wish list Hands free light just seems like SUCH a good idea — especially when I\’m fumbling with one-handed attempts at whatever. Can\’t wait to see pictures this trip sounds awesome!!!!

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