Heading to the new Gym later today to walk and work on my novel. Going to look like a total dork editing while I walk but I need to do both so there ;-P

It is pouring down ran here today so outdoors is out of the question. I need to see how they have arrange the gym in the new building anyway, fingers crossed the elipticals are away from the door.

I am half way through my edits, I hope to finish this week and get them all typed up and neat by the end of the week. I will be getting bound copies for some of my family so if anyone is interesting in the rough draft version give me a yell, I will be posting on Smashwords as well later in the next few weeks.

Spent most of my Christmas Holiday couched out catching up on Supernatural episods I somehow missed on Netflix and editing my novel. Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday.

This Week so far:
-Panic Attacks 1
-Books read: Zero, fanfiction all the way
-Music: 10 Years – Hesitate and Though Glass