If ever a situation called for a “Holy [Subject]” exclamation, it’s this one: Robin, Batman’s under-age crime-fighting sidekick, is dead. News of his four-colordemise (in the eighth issue of D.C. Comics’ Batman, Incorporated — on sale now) was leaked to the New York Post. But you could be forgiven for feeling just a little bored by his “passing.”

It is, after all, just the latest in an increasingly long line of headline-making superhero deaths over the last few years: Robin will join a graveyard of heroes that includes the Human Torch, two different Captain Americas, Thor, a couple of Spider-Men, Green Lantern, and even Batman himself. To make matters worse, almost all of those characters then managed to find their way back to the land of the living within a year of shuffling off this super-mortal coil.

The problem isn’t so much the impermanence of…

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