To Do List

Work is finally starting to level off and I hope to be back to a much more normal schedule in a two weeks or so. Maybe I will be able to get a little more sleep 😉

But that means that I have more time on my hands again so it is time for the next TO DO LIST!

  1. Finish the final edit of my book.
  • Do I need another beta read before I put it out to be slaughtered on the internet?
  • Do I want to try and get query letter started?

Start prepping for a hiking trip in the fall?

  • Need to get a backpack.
  • Decide which section of the AT I want to try, need maps and guides.
  • Decide if I want to go back to Panthertown in NC.
  • Car camping at the beach?

Horse show in August

  • Need to start practicing in my tall boots and gloves again.
  • Need to buy and new pair of breeches, show gloves, polo shirt.

Want to get more submission going out, have gotten 3 rejections this month.

Budgeting for the Win! Need to re-evaluate the budget so I am not always so broke.

Start looking for classes to take again.

  • Do I want to try and start taking a college course next spring?
  • Classes in what? Archery, Pottery, more painting classes, guitar lessons, writing group?

What will be the Summer and Fall project?