Ok. I am seriously thinking about deleting and closing all my blogs. If anyone wants this to stay up here’s your chance to convince me otherwise.


10 thoughts on “Opinions

      • Didn’t you just post last month? I have to admit though, if you don’t use it, you don’t need to keep it. Would deleting them make life easier?

      • No idea, just trying to streamline my life a bit to see if that helps. Already have my family upset since I am getting rid of a ton of stuff from my house. Most of it has went to them since it is family heirlooms and such.

      • If this is something you will not regret, do it. I wouldn’t talk you out of something that might help you.

  1. I have been thinking about tearing up and burning down most of my life for months. I am really not happy where I am at but am not able to change much so instead the smaller things are getting tossed, like the blog.

    • So you’re doing it out of anger? I thought this was like a meditative thing, something done after lots of consideration.

      • Not anger, more desperation. I am so very tired of being depressed and alone. It’s time to burn it down and start fresh. To get my priorities in order and see what I can build up from a new foundation. In the last year here I have managed to get very little done. I have wrecked my health and my head. It’s time to get everything back to baseline and start over.

      • What has been going on that wrecked your health? I thought you were hiking and doing more physical stuff? What are you measuring your success with? You wrote a book! You have a great job and your own place!

      • I keep planning to go hiking and it never happens. I have no one in town to watch my dog or I am on call or canceling for family things that then cancel which leaves me stuck in town alone. I am trying to get back into exercising/hiking with no real results to show. I gained a lot of weight back during the month of 12 hour shifts with the go live at work so now I am trying to get back into a normal rhythm with no real avail.

        As for work, I am really starting to hate it at times, way too bored. But it is a good job and I have not seen anything offered that is better yet. I am trying to even it out by having my writing and hobbies be my stimulation.

        I have no friends here in town and my one BF in my hometown is fighting with me or calling me drunk crying asking why we are no longer close.

        Just really depressed and so tired of being depressed and lonely. I need to make some changes in my life so I can stop being here, stuck in my head.

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