God the people in the south make me crazy.

Yes, that random person you work with might be gay.
Having you announce in the middle of the office loudly that you think that is disgusting does not amuse me.

No, you cannot ask someone if they are gay.
No, you cannot ask if they are dating a man.
You do not out people who are not willing to out themselves.

No, I cannot curse a coworker out because they are homophobic…and have a desk right next to mine…and talk about it constantly.
I finally got the other two people who sit next to me to get onto the coworker for going off on a homophobic tangent.
See? None of us find it amusing, please stop sharing.

I am glad our openly gay, happily married, coworker was not here today.
She only sits feet away.

I am Bi.
I am not out at work or at home.
If anyone asked I would tell them I am bi but no one asks. A handful of relatives and friends know because they asked.
They assume since I generally date guys that I am straight.
Since they assume, people seem to think they can talk about homophobic things and not get a reaction. That we will agree…but I don’t agree.
This idiot said that two females was fine (since hey porn) but not two guys and was trying to uphold this as a valid reason to be homophobic.
Excuse me while I go cry over his gene pool.


3 thoughts on “Idiots

  1. He’s a typical homophobe idiot. You can’t let that get to you, it really is borne out of fear and ignorance.

      • In my experience, if it bothers you enough that you cannot continue to work, then you have to do something. It’s not worth it to try to change his mind, but his opinion can stay his own as long as it doesn’t bother you.

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