tumblr_lnii8ldsqC1qz6f9yo1_500To say I am a body and soul does not satisfy.I know what I see and am composed of electrons and particles moving too fast to see or feel, so fast they blur and vibrate.
I know that all energy and movement is a wave, a growing vibration.
This is not enough.
How can all I know be contained within an explanation of nurse impulses and hormones?
I want to break myself open so that the words within can be viewed by all.
No more misunderstandings and lies, let me be transparent.

Does brain structure control personality?
Damage to the brain can cause changes in personality, that is well-known.
Should we stigmatize personality traits because they have known biological origins?
Does it truly matter if a talent is caused by what many would call an aberration or if what we judge the soul is chemically induced?


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  1. I love this! I ask myself the same questions. that’s kind of what Breakfast of Champions is about. Are we chemical robots?

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