Passed ;-)

One good thing I can check off is that I passed my Pharmacy Tech Certification (PTCB). Now I just have to figure out how to register as a tech for SC and I am set if I have to ever start working as a Tech again.

The test was insane, tons of questions about federal law and how to compound medications, ointments, weight conversions, and IV mixtures. All six pages of scratch paper were used and abused. I had studied mainly the top 200 drugs since I was afraid they had changed in the six years since I worked a pharmacy and only had about 5 questions about drugs.

My mother was taking her Fitness Instructor exam at the same time. She did not pass and sat and compared notes with me afterwards. Her test was more exercise science and anatomy then the math required for mine.

So I can start using CPT at the end of my name again if I want now, snort.


5 thoughts on “Passed ;-)

  1. Congratulations! You deserve it after your hard work! I’m thinking of going back to school for computer science, at least a bachelors.

    • I am debating on taking a few classes. My issue is most I want to take are geared toward day students or start at 4pm. I need to find a good night school around here that offers writing courses or computer classes.

      • Yeah, looked at a masters writing program and the cost is crazy unless you are able to work as a student teacher (then many are free or half price), which I doubt I would have time to do. Almost would have to be working part time or less to be able to do it.

      • i was thinking that too, maybe I could do part time work while I go back to school. It would be nice.

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