To Do List (August)

  • Finish the edit of The Mage’s Daughter

    • Publish The Mage’s Daughter as an Ebook. (July)

      • Review Smashwords publishing again.

  • Remember: Just write it does not matter how it sounds until later. Just get words on the page, we can tweak later.

  • Finish writing the sequel for The Mage’s Daughter, The Mage’s Daughter: Exile (Book 2)

    • Working on outlining the next few chapters. (in mage box)

  • Finish writing Blood Work – Detective story (On hold)

  • Finish writing Fanfiction for Avengers (On hold)

    • Really fighting with writing the rape scenes, need to just sit down and write.

  • Work on story with Paul

  • Need to see if I can get a loan to cover the stupid loan I have to pay back if I sell the condo, ugh.

    • Fill out form and get back to Dad.

  • Get the condo clean and ready to be rented. (In progress.)

  • Work on Instinct once a week with Guitar.

  • Go for a fucking walk, no one cares what you look like.

    • Go walking at the zoo and take more pictures.

  • Plan trips out of town soon.