Life and Home To Do List

Life and Home

  • Budget out what will be needed for hiking trips

    • stove and fuel

    • Canister systems and wood are the heaviest. Wood systems are more expensive. Alcohol is the lightest but easier to have accidents with.

    • Pot (or use small pan you have)

  • Need to see if I can get a loan to cover the stupid loan I have to pay back if I sell the condo, ugh.

    • Fill out the form and get it back to dad.

  • Need to pull up ivy around the house.

  • Need to borrow weedwacker from dad for around the yard.

  • Fix front steps, even out the bricks.

  • Get new mat for front door.

  • Get two placemats for the table, time to stop eating at the computer.

  • Need to super clean house, family is coming to visit.

    • Dust

    • Clean bathroom

    • Bleach windows and walls.

    • Change sheets.

    • Use steamer on flooring.

    • Wipe down the kitchen with bleach.

  • Set up dining room and rearrange living room.

    • Move couch to other wall and see if the cords will go far enough.

    • Facing out from the wall or in the middle of the room?

  • Work on Instinct once a week with Guitar.

    • Plan out the next song you want to learn and practice Amazing Grace.

  • Plan trips out of town soon.

  • Folly Beach

  • Ceaser’s Head, SC (best in Sept-Nov to see the birds of prey)

  • Delonaga, GA

  • Tybee Island, GA

  • Hunting Island, GA

  • Charlotte, NC

  • Table Rock


One thought on “Life and Home To Do List

  1. A loan for a loan! Damn! That sucks!

    I am also working on my guitar skills, I have an acoustic. I keep putting it off, though.

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