How do you explain a science fiction or fantasy plot to someone who has never read this genre?
I have relatives who have never read fantasy reading my novel. They don’t understand magic and several have mispronounced the word “Mage”.
One person mentioned that they had no idea that magic was so prevalent during that time period. (Did I mention my book is NOT set on earth?)
Not sure how to explain these facts to relative and new book readers, thoughts?

One thought on “Explainations

  1. Pretend you’re pitching something for Hollywood and you have to use an example. You could use the most recent, well known, Harry Potter, and say it’s a world where magic exists, but set in the past. Anything that gets people thinking about magic as being a valid system, and then still describe it the rest of the way. Or, you can just stick with the coming of age thing and say that it takes place in a medieval world where magic holds sway.

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