Boycotting Christmas

I am seriously considering boycotting Christmas this year.This year I just don’t think it is worth the effort.

Normally I love Christmas, the music, the lights, the tree. All of it.
Now, just thinking about it is making me tired.

Instead I started a Wish List of things I know that no one will get me this Christmas. Might pick up a few things to cheer myself up for New Years.


2 thoughts on “Boycotting Christmas

  1. I’ll get you stuff for Christmas! Again though, I am not your family, so I know what you’re getting at. I got a birthday gift from you, but nothing from my own mother. It sucks.

    I don’t want to ruin it, but I was planning on getting you Hawkeye, Invisibles and a couple of other items from your wishlist for Christmas.

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