Trying to cope.

It has been an utter hell of a week.

I spent most of this morning trying to focus and get things done at work while not curling into a ball of anxiety or starting to cry. Yesterday at work I was thrown to the wolves in several meetings and finally flat out said we are severely understaffed, what would you like me to work on first? Patient Safety or your issues with too many faxes coming through? I hope they got the message.

Snow and the usual Southern panic here added to the stress since we had to move or reschedule meetings for two days while everyone around us panicked. I finally just apologized to my team at work this week since I curse when I am really stressed out and every other word right now seems to be a curse word.

Add in that I am horribly behind on rewriting my Mage novel and the edits needed and it makes for a hell of a mess. I at least managed to block out a general outline of the fight scene I need to write but nothing is really happening in the rest of the writing. I feel like I am just repeating myself.


2 thoughts on “Trying to cope.

  1. Damn, woman! I took yesterday off because I felt horrible, you should do the same. This situation that you’re in is untenable, you are doing the right thing by getting upset and telling them what is wrong with them.

    That southern panic and snow, wow! People up here make fun of them but let’s be honest, we still get a ton of accidents and we live here!

    That sucks about the re-writing, that’s the worst because you feel like you have a deadline and you’re not able to meet it because of your work.

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