Pouring down rain today. Perfect day to drink tea and coffee while working on writing projects.

Today’s To Do List

  1. Laundry for next week. In progress. Did I mention my washer is in a shed in the yard? Dashing through the rain to do laundry.
  2. Edit two more chapters of my Mage novel. I am applying what the lovely, RJ Blain has suggested. So far I am really liking the changes.
  3. Cook the eggplant lasagna for next week. In progress.
  4. Make lunches for next week. Today is the first day of my attempt to eat less fast food.
  5. Plan out next scenes for Ryan Arrington.
  6. Make out book list for research. What books do I already have that need to be read?
    1. On Killing – Grossman
    2. One Shot/One Kill – Sasser & Roberts
    3. Shooter – Coughlin, Davis, & Kuhlman
    4. Comrades – Fisher
    5. Black Hawk Down – Bowden
    6. Acts of War – Holmes
  7. Make out schedule for Guitar and French practice.
  8. Figure out where I want to move furniture…yet again. I got a new dog bed and had to move a chair so I might as well move everything while I am at it.