Why do you always come up with the perfect come back after you hang up.

No, I don’t know how to dose insulin. I am a pharmacy tech, not a pharmacist. I worked in a hospital so I never dispensed individually dosed syringes of insulin, the nurses drew that up. So no, I don’t remember off the top of my head what a normal Insulin dose would be. I only ever made the continuous infusion bags of insulin and multiple dilution syringes for the neonates. I can tell you how to calculate the rates and volumes of the IVs or how to make a dilution of 1000th of a unit of Insulin but I don’t remember a regular dose for a general patient off the top of my head.

Add in the fact that I have been working in IT for over five years now and my dosing knowledge is a little rusty.

And yes, a former nurse asked me this. UGH!



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  1. Not your job, not your job, not your job I don’t even like giving advice at work, in case the person fucks up, then they blame you. Nope, I usually say I don’t know, even though it makes me grind my teeth.

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