Writing To Do List

Okay, Here’s my mass To Do List for this week. Let’s see if we can get something productive done.

  1. Writing
    1. Outline entire Mage Novel and decide if new scenes and characters will be pull through the rest of the book.
    2. Character Maps for New Characters
      1. Troche
        1. How is the local Thieves Guild organized?
    3. Add more conversations with other Characters.
    4. Rewrite introduction to other Apprentices and confrontations.
    5. Rewrite meeting Salendra and Robert.
    6. Rewrite festival and race scenes.
      1. Need to pull in more about her life with Jared and being used to criminal element.
      2. Pull this also into the scenes with spy network.
  2. Side Projects
    1. Outline the two new fan-fiction ideas.
      1. Clint as a mutant who has been rejecting/hiding his abilities.
      2. Dark Coulson
    2. Outline the next chapters for your other projects that have been on hold.
      1. Steam punk novel
      2. Ryan C. Arrington (Werewolf Novel)
      3. Mother Assassin novel
    3. Research
      1. Complete reading for Assassin novel.
      2. Need to find more information on soldiers returning from Vietnam. (PTSD and social stigma)
        1. Need to hit Second and Charles again.
  3. House
    1. Pick up week killer for ivy (poison and not).
    2. Trim limbs on back and side along the fence, cut down bushes around shed.
    3. Flea stuff for Stella.
    4. Get Stella’s nails trimmed at some point.
    5. Vacuum and dust the house.
    6. Clean out the kitchen and fridge.
    7. Reorganize the shelves in the kitchen, get the junk off the counters.
    8. Figure out where you want the living room couch to go.