Writing To Do List

Okay, Here’s my mass To Do List for this week. Let’s see if we can get something productive done.

  1. Writing
    1. Edit chapter 7-8 of Mage
    2. Pull in blackmail of Beryl and how Troche assists her with this.
      1. Meeting with the Thieves Guild
      2. agrees to ward for the guild and pass on messages on occasion if Jared’s debt is considered paid.
    3. Need to edit several scenes to change to dialog, active.
    4. Who are going to be my Beta Readers?
    5. Rework the outline and
  2. House
    1. Pick up week killer for ivy (poison and not).
    2. Trim limbs on back and side along the fence, cut down bushes around shed.
    3. Flea stuff for Stella.
    4. Get Stella’s nails trimmed at some point.
    5. Dust the house.
    6. Clean out the kitchen and fridge.
    7. Reorganize the shelves in the kitchen, get the junk off the counters.
    8. Figure out where you want the living room couch to go.
  3. Life
    1. Check out the gym near your house.
      1. When would you schedule this and go?
    2. get back on your damned diet.