Things have been moving around at my place this weekend. I got a number of things done but still have a massive to do list to knock out this week. The main thing was rearranging my house. Take a peek at the new layout 😉IMG_0084[1]IMG_0083[1]IMG_0081[1]


5 thoughts on “Changes

      • I really have to take pictures of my garden and plants. I’m growing a lot of stuff right now. ANd it’s all growing pretty well.

        Also, I like your art.

    • I’m thinking of getting more plants for my porch to try and grow. Not sure what I want to do yet.

      Yes, love my prints. I have a closet full that I am not able to hang right now.

      • I’m liking the growing much more than I ever did when I was younger. I’m definitely more patient now and willing to try things to fix them if they don’t work.

        I have so many comic books and posters. All of them are incredible, but I only hang up about half. of them, I just don’t have enough room.

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