To Do List for this Week.

  1. Finish doing the yard.
    1. mow the lawn.
    2. Trim the side yard.
    3. Pick up the pine cones and limbs down in the front. (save some for making fire starters?)
  2. Start my new exercise life plan.
  3. Clean the house.
    1. Kitchen.
    2. Fridge.
    3. Vacuum.
    4. Closets.
    5. Load the goodwill donations in the car.
  4. Writing
    1. Mage book 1
      1. Finish writing up the edits.
      2. Finish the outline edits.
      3. Send to editor.
    2. Fan fiction
      1. Write up the outline for the two new ideas.
    3. Parasol
      1. Edit and outline.
    4. John C. Arrington
      1. Edit and Outline.