Work the last few weeks has been horrible. I am burnt out and stressed, exhausted and fat.

I’ve noticed that I have started bracing back against small things at work now that we have two more people on the team, even if they are in training. I begged off the downtime last night, getting my steps done on Friday. I’ve worked the last 8 downtimes, sometimes as many as two a month.

I am still on call every other week and I spend those weeks stressed and not sleeping, waiting on the calls to come in.

My house is a wreck thanks to too many days where I zone out at the computer when I get home or collapse straight into bed. I have utterly no energy these days.

The main problem is I know that work is getting better. I really is. So now I need to get my life back on track now that the job stress will be decreasing. I’ve completely stopped exercising, walking, and horseback riding since my weekends kept filling up with downtimes or time spent in Hometown. Now I should have more of those free. I’ve stopped cooking since it is just easier to get take out for one and not have to deal with left overs rotting in the fridge.

I am so tempted to move and find a new job but things are on the upswing. I need to sell my condo before I can do anything like that.

The rest of this year needs to be getting back into shape and getting healthy,