A cup of Tea.

A good cup of tea can fix most things. I had a rather horrible weekend all told and the weather had taken a turn for wet and chilly reinforcing the need for a large cup of something warm.

  • I found out I have rats in my laundry area by having one jump past my hand. Yes, I screamed. And proceeded to toss every bit of stuff they could’ve hidden in into the trash. I’m going to need more boxes when I have to move again, sigh.
  • I mowed my grass as #$@&$#@ people tossed empty beer cans on my lawn. It looked like they’re from the high school baseball games going on next door.
    • Yeah, games all weekend and practice from 8 am until they finally left sometime each afternoon. My rental does not have much insulation so I got to listen to them cheering and screaming at each other for hours. Yeah.
  • Found a rotten tree had fallen over my fence on one side of the house, rental agency called.
  • Spent the entire weekend on and off the phone with my cable/internet company. I still don’t have internet but at least I am not on call for the next two weeks so I have time to get it fixed.
    • Moved a ton of work in progress to a thumb drive so I can work on things this week even if I don’t have internet. Ugh. Time to hit up the Starbucks again.
  • I figured out how to build a wire or thin wooden frame for my owl mobiles. Now I just have to test them out.
    • Yep, I made a giant paper owl Sunday afternoon after a day of utter suck. It was awesome.

3 thoughts on “A cup of Tea.

  1. I’m glad the owl helped improve your weekend. I barely slept this weekend, but I have a job interview soon.

    There was a chipmunk in my trash recently, after we left the garage door open. TERRIFIED me when I went to take out trash. I screamed like a man, high pitched and keening.

    • Art almost always makes me happy. I just had one frustration after another and it was making me beyond pissed off. I’m going to pick up some traps which I hate but I can’t use poison with my dog out in the same area.

  2. I would rather get killer traps and not capture, cause capture is tough. I’d rather dispose of the dead than deal with the wiggly living.

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