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Time to get my To Do List for the new year together. This is what I need to finish up from this year and what I want to complete in the new year.

  1. The Mage’s Daughter.
    1. Complete final edits on The Mage’s Daughter.
    2. Get new cover for The Mage’s Daughter and republish.
  2. Parasol
    1. Complete outline and finish writing.
  3. Normal
    1. Edit and rewrite.
  4. Short Stories
    1. Edit The Maze.
    2. Edit Reflections.
    3. Rewrite Triton College into a short story.
    4. Submit stories to magazines and other publications monthly.
  5. New Project (Able Minded)
    1. Character studies.
  6. New Project (Sniper Research)
    1. READ BOOKS!
  7. New Project (Old Nano Novel – Silver Wing)
    1. Edit and rework the outline.
    2. Novel or short story?
  8. Fan-Fiction
    1. Complete Requiem.
    2. Complete On My Own.
    3. Complete Gryphon.
    4. Complete The Farm
    5. Complete Bottled Lightning.
    6. Complete Beta.
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