Word Count

Do you keep track of your word count for each day? I started a spreadsheet to track each project and how much I get done at a time during last year’s NaNoWriMo and kept it going this year so here are my Stats for the year.

Total word count for the year: 346,552 words
Average word count per day: 982 words
Number of projects/columns: 23


2 thoughts on “Word Count

  1. Holy crap, I’m impressed. You’ve beat my yearly words pretty hollow.

    I use a version of the Magic Spreadsheet, but I don’t count words for different project separately. Possibly I should; it’d let me see if I have patterns of when I write, or if I binge on multiple works at once.

    (How do you handle revisions; just add the positive difference, if there is one, and ignore the negative difference?)

    • The numbers are probably skewed a bit because of revisions. I have a notes column that I use to note when I’m editing if the numbers drop into the negatives. If I’m pulling in a project that I put on hold previously I add the previous word count to the entire column until I hit that day’s work to that the average stays fairly normal.

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