To Do List for this Week


  • Clean and organize the office.
  • Put up and organize all the random paperwork.
  • Rip all CDs into computer and put up.
  • Clean the bedroom.
  • Clean the kitchen and do dishes.
  • Organize the craft table.
  • Open shop on Etsy.

To Do this week:

  • Rake the yard. (Half done before the rain hit.)
  • Edit short stories.
  • Organize book paperwork for editing.
  • Organize and finish pouring candles.
  • Start list of places to submit.
  • Read all magazines and shelve. (finished cooking magazines and need to do P&W)
  • Get list of agents together. (buy book)
  • Rework letter and submissions to agents.
  • Take pictures of candles and post to Etsy.
  • Practice guitar and get ready for February Class. (buy more picks)img 0100