4 Books Written By Women That All Men Should Read

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While in school, we had been taught the prose of only one woman writer. Jane Austen. It wasn’t until the 11th grade that I had read my second works of a woman, and it would only be much later, in my twenties, that I would begin to devour the writing of women like they were the New Age, which is true in some ways, but mostly not. Women writers have been around for just as long as men have, yet their writing is not published or recognized as extensively. We are more wont to have read works by Foster Wallace and Hemingway than we have of Atwood and Duras. Women writers are not given half as much as esteem as their male counterparts as, societally, their prowess is reduced to weakness, woeful, petty. Gendered notions of social condition may have something to do with this.

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