Women Writers Taught Me To Be Brave

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Hillary BolesHillary Boles

Why do we need to talk about women writers as opposed to just writers?

First off, there are the statistics, reports, and articles that all address the gender gap in publishing and marketing of women writers.

Secondly, it’s important because of the limitations and expectations a woman writer must combat when she brings her work to the market:

We don’t want this book, because girls don’t like books about space, and boys don’t like books about girls.

But hey, don’t jump to conclusions. This common marketplace sexism runs deep. It’s not exclusively a case of men-versus-women. This casual sexism is held as a sort of common wisdom for many professional women who wish to succeed in the current marketplace.

What’s between the speaker’s legs really doesn’t change the content here. And yes, many of the women saying these things were honestly trying to help me!…

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